Blck Pearl®

 18,35 1.697,25

Revolutionary classic

Taste: full and nutty taste
Color: deep dark brown to dark olive green
Size: 2 to 3.5mm

Blck Pearl®

 18,35 1.697,25

Revolutionary classic

Taste: full and nutty taste
Color: deep dark brown to dark olive green
Size: 2 to 3.5mm


  • Direct involvement: Own producer and importer, so we pack ourselves

  • Certification: Equipped with a CITES certificate

  • Health conscious: Completely free of antibiotics

  • Packaging: Premium and hygienically packed

  • Delivery: Delivered quickly and chilled for optimum freshness

Blck Pearl Caviar: A Revolutionary Classic

Exclusivity and Tradition

Blck Pearl caviar is not just any caviar; it is a symbol of luxury and sophistication. It is an exclusive creation of Persian Caviar, a brand that has been synonymous with quality and tradition in the world of caviar. Our aim was to present a premium caviar in a distinctive way. With Blck Pearl®, we have achieved that goal. The deep, dark hues of Blck Pearl® served as inspiration for this exquisite product, resulting in a caviar that is in a class of its own both visually and in terms of taste.

The journey of Blck Pearl® begins with the selection of the best sturgeon. These fish are carefully chosen from our own farms, selecting only the healthiest and most robust fish. This creates a caviar distinguished by its characteristic deep dark brown to olive green color. The taste is distinctive and reminiscent of rich, nutty notes, with a subtle hint of the sea and a velvety texture that melts in the mouth.

Presentation and Experience.

We understand that every occasion is unique. That’s why we offer a variety of can formats: from the intimate 10-gram can, perfect for a personal treat, to the generous 1,000-gram can, ideal for parties and special occasions. This allows us to provide you with the perfect amount of caviar on any occasion. We take the greatest care in packaging your caviar. A product of this class deserves a presentation to match. Our goal is that with every delivery of Persian Caviar, you bring a party into your home, an experience that touches your senses as well as your soul.

For the optimal experience, we recommend considering a 50-gram can as one serving. This ensures that you have enough to experience the full richness of the flavors and textures, while appreciating the exclusivity and luxury of the product.

Choose Blck Pearl® and immerse yourself in a world of pure indulgence.

Nutritional value

Per 100 grams

Calories / Energy 316 Kcal / 1322 KJ
Fats 20.8 grams
of which Saturated Fat 5.5 grams
Carbohydrates 3.8 grams
of which sugar 0.0 grams
Protein 28.4 grams
Salt 1.4 grams



Blck Pearl® caviar
Length 100 to 250 cm
Weight Up to 35 kilograms
Spawn 1.5 to 5 kilograms
Diameter of eggs 2 to 3.5 mm
Color deep dark brown to dark oil green
Age Sturgeon at least 4 years
Flavour refined nutty
Condition fresh