About Persian Caviar

Hossein Akef

Hossein Akef, born in Tehran, cherished the dream of working with caviar since he was a little boy. He completed his studies in International Business with this goal in mind.

In 2004, Hossein’s dream turned into reality with the establishment of the family-owned business, Persian Caviar. Since then, he has grown into one of the world’s few recognized caviar specialists.

Persian Caviar, supplies caviar worldwide, with a special focus on the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Spain, and Sweden.

Caviar by Akef embodies quality and is acclaimed for the freshness, taste, aroma, and texture of the caviar. Our products are esteemed, both nationally and internationally, by (sea)fish traders, hotels, restaurateurs, caterers, and delicatessens.

So, please discover the unparalleled quality of Caviar by Akef and let yourself be enchanted by the delightful taste and unique experience our caviar offers. Order today and indulge in the luxury of real caviar, delivered directly to your home.

Discover Persian Caviar: A Journey from Authenticity to Luxury

Step into the mysterious world of the ‘Food of the Gods’ with Persian Caviar. We are delighted to share the secrets of this exclusive delicacy with you.

Our passionate approach combined with natural treatments makes this unique experience accessible to everyone. At Persian Caviar being a caviar importer and producer, means that meticulousness is at the core. From, the moment you receive your order to the moment you relish the taste.

Moreover, Persian Caviar adheres to the strictest standards recognized by EU legislation. We are CITES certified, and work in accordance with HACCP standards. Specially ensuring the purity and quality of our whole product range.

Caviar by Akef is renowned for its unparalleled texture, aroma, taste, and structure. These unique characteristics has made our products a beloved choice both nationally and internationally, appreciated by (Michelin star) restaurants, caterers, hotels, retailers, and wholesalers.

Become enchanted by the perfection of Caviar by Akef. Order today and soon indulge in the luxury of real caviar, delivered directly to your doorstep.

Preserving Elegance: Committed to Protecting the Endangered Sturgeon

The sturgeon becomes rarer and this makes the real caviar even more expensive. The Sturgeon is now on the list of endangered species. Pollution, smugglers and illegal catches are the main cause of this. CITES is an international convention that controls the trade in endangered Species of animals and plants.

CITES has established rules and agreements with the countries concerned regarding catch and control. The legal import and export of caviar is regulated via CITES. Of course Persian Caviar performs this CITES quality mark.

Beeld van een steur, de zeldzame bron van echte kaviaar. Bewustwording van bedreiging en duurzame aanpak bij Persian Caviar

Experience Persian Caviar: The Pinnacle of Freshness and Excellence

On behalf of Persian Caviar, I hope that we have given you more insight into the world of caviar and that our delicacies speak to you!

Service and quality are our main spearheads. Persian Caviar is the exclusive importer of caviar in Europe and also E.G. and CITES-acknowledged. Persian Caviar therefore acts in accordance with the statutory HACCP standards.

We Import our delicacies directly from the country of origin which Persian Caviar can guarantee high quality and freshness. We deliver our products in a confidential way, so that we can be sure that they reach you in the right way. So you get the quality you can expect from us…

Of course I invite you to visit Persian Caviar to the Gevers Deynootweg 57e in Scheveningen personally! If you prefer to shop online, take a look at our webshop.

We strive to provide you with as much information as possible, we have also set up the website accordingly. If you still have questions please
us, have fun shopping!