Honest, tasty and of the highest quality caviar!

We would like to take you into the world of the worlds most exclusive delicacy: caviar.

Persian Caviar was founded by Hossein Akef and as a little boy, born in Tehran, it was always his dream to work with caviar. In the year 2004, Hossein began to realise his dream and the creation of the family business Persian Caviar was a fact. Meanwhile, Hossein Akef can count himself among the few worldwide caviar connoisseurs.

Voor uw gemak hebben wij verschillende blikmaten beschikbaar. This way we can provide you with caviar for every occasion.

Utmost care for the packaging

We take the utmost care with the packaging of your caviar. A beautiful product like caviar deserves the total picture. That you receive a party at home with every package from Persian Caviar is our aim. Discover all our beautiful types of caviar in our webshop! In addition to our caviar we have different kinds of smoked salmons, King Crab, fish roe and delicacies among which traditional blini’s (a pancake a that is eaten with caviar according to traditional recipes

International recognition of Persian Caviar

Persian Caviar is recognized by EC legislation and is CITES certified. Persian Caviar also acts in accordance with the HACCP standards.


  • Self-produced

  • CITES certified

  • Completely antibiotic free

  • Premium packed in a hygienic environment

  • Chilled and delivered quickly


  • Hygienic atmosphere packed

  • Refrigerated shipping

  • Shipped within 1 to 2 working days

  • Receipt within 1 to 3 working days after shipment

  • Warranty shipping DPD