Onno’s Favorite

Onno’s Favorite

Darling of the Specialist

Flavour: elegantly nutty and slightly spicy
Color: light brown to gold shimmering
size: 2.5 to 4 mm

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  • Own producer/Importer (so self-packed)
  • CITES certified

  • Completely antibiotic free
  • Premium packed in a hygienic environment
  • Chilled and delivered quickly

Onno’s Favorite caviar: Darling of the Specialist

Each can is prepared with the utmost effort. Special selected by 2 Michelin stars Chef Onno Kokmeijer**, restaurant Ciel Bleu in the beautiful Okura hotel in Amsterdam. Each can is selected based on the color, taste and size of the grain. Only the very best caviar meets the set requirements. All you have to do is enjoy this sublime caviar.

Onno’s Favorite comes from the Acipenser Schrenkii – Huso Dauricus sturgeon, also called a Hybrid species of sturgeon. This sturgeon must be at least 4 years old if it produces an average weight of between 1.5 – 5 kg of caviar. With a length of 150 to 300 cm and a weight of up to 40 kg, this is a larger species of sturgeon that produces our caviar. The Hybrid sturgeon also produces the second largest eggs.

Onno’s is known for its distinctive light brown to golden gloss color. Most characteristic flavors of this strain are mildly creamy and slightly spicy.

For your convenience, we have different can sizes available: 10g and 125g. This way we can provide you with caviar for every occasion. We take the utmost care with the packaging of your caviar. A beautiful product like caviar deserves the total picture. That you receive a party at home with every package from Persian Caviar is our aim.

We always recommend that a 125g can of specially selected caviar meets the experience!

Additional information



Nutritional value

Per 100 grams

Calories / Energy 316 Kcal / 1322 KJ
Fats 20.8 grams
of which Saturated Fat 5.5 grams
Carbohydrates 3.8 grams
of which sugar 0.0 grams
Protein 28.4 grams
Salt 1.4 grams



Onno’s Favorite
Latin name Acipenser Schrenkii / Hybrid
Length 150 – 300 cm
Weight up to 40 kilograms
Spawn 1.5 – 5 kilograms
Diameter of eggs 2.5 – 4 mm
Color light brown to gold shimmering
Age Sturgeon at least 4 years
refined nutty and slightly spicy
Available in 10 & 125 grams cans

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