Just for the record I have always craved caviar but I must admit this was rarely served at my home in Opperdoes. Although, the caviar combined with the ‘Opperdoezer Rondes’ is delicious. The experience with the product increased when my gastronomic career took off creating joy and pleasure on every moment of the day. There are few products which are that pure without additions or preparations and still have an irresistible flavour.

During the aforementioned progress of my career till executive chef, I have faced quite some beautiful caviar. That is the main reason I consider the caviar as a medal for the gastronomic level our team has achieved every time it is served.

However, it is known that a medal has two faces. The increasing pressure on the population of the sturgeon is becoming more severe regardless the preferred specimen. Consequently, I favour the cultivated sturgeons provided that the caviar meets our quality standards.

The latter has brought me to Persian Caviar. This company offers a wide variety and high quality of the caviar which is retrieved from cultivated sturgeons in China and Iran. Let’s take the caviar from the Baerii sturgeon for example. It is a beautiful product to introduce one to caviar: relative large roe which burst in your mouth real easy releasing a not too salty but rich and smooth buttery taste.
The Imperial Selection is more sophisticated and taking the experience to another level with its nutty and somewhat spicy aftertaste and of course its extraordinary golden shimmer.

Just to be honest, I thought that the invention and innovation of the Tjoepy was a brilliant one. Tjoepy’s represents small tins of caviar with ten grams which are easy to open, just to enjoy the moment. Therefore I had no doubts when Mr Akef proposed for the creation of a new brand with my input and name on it. Moreover it was not done before. Surely, there are different restaurants with their name on the caviar but without the chef’s personal input. That is totally different.