Over 175 countries have prohibited the catch, import and export of wild sturgeons during a meeting of the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES) in 2009. Persian Caviar anticipated quickly before the regulation entered into force. This was possible due to the improvement of the overall quality of the farms. Persian Caviar has sold only farmed caviar from that moment on. Our caviar is currently farmed in China.

Although China is not close-by the process from sturgeon egg to fish and in the end the caviar is closely monitored by Mr Akef. The quality is already measured during the first step were he selects the best sturgeons for farming. Furthermore he is monitoring the surroundings.

The farm simulates the original habitat of the sturgeon almost perfectly since the farm is situated in the Thousand Islands Lake. An important detail is that it is an outdoor farm. Unlike the indoor farmed sturgeons outdoor farmed sturgeons profit from the natural resources exposed to them. The latter has a positive impact on the quality of the caviar.